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SXSW Music 2015

Band:Smart: 50 ideas to make $100K more this year

Martin Atkins will offer tangible strategies and advice for independent bands and artists that will translate into $100,000 in additional revenue over the next year. From booking yourself, playing seven shows per week (instead of five), merchandising ideas and strategies, growing and leveraging a fan base, and touring more efficiently, Atkins’ advice embraces the uphill battle that everyone in the industry faces. Always true to his, “Welcome to the Music Business- You’re Fucked” mentality, you are rest-assured this session will make a strong impact on your bottom line.

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  1. I play to 30 – 50 people, where do I build from here?
  2. With all the tools and apps out there, which ones do I really need to make a $100,000 difference to me next year?
  3. How can I know that every step I take is a step closer to my goals and not some random, crazy, bullshit plan from some 1980s music business dream?
  4. Can a band who draws 50 – 100 people per show actually make a living playing music and what strategies should they use to do it?
  5. How can I grow my band, my brand, and my audience next year? Do I need an agent, manager, or record deal?


  • Martin Atkins, Music Business Department Chair, SAE


Martin Atkins, Music Business Department Chair, SAE

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  • Event: Music
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: How To/DIY
  • Level: Intermediate
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