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SXSW Interactive 2015

A.I. M.D.: VHAs and the Future of Patient Care

Virtual Health Assistants offer an unprecedented opportunity for patient care, one that will transform our approaches to healthcare and capabilities for prevention and treatment. VHAs have already proven to increase patient adherence, and provide real-time personalized feedback and tracking data that can save lives and adjust care to patients’ actual everyday circumstances.

Simply tracking health information is no longer enough for doctors or patients. Doctors are learning how to work and interpret VHA data to optimize their care and treatment, while patients are adjusting to interacting with and trusting VHA technology as a tool and partner in their healthcare. This presentation by Dr. Thomas Morrow looks at the current capabilities and deployments of VHAs across the industry, and what advancements in both the technology and our healthcare culture still need to be made as we move towards more integrated and personalized patient care.

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  1. In what ways are VHAs currently being deployed in healthcare?
  2. What data and information do we have for the effectiveness of VHAs, and what are their most important areas of impact thus far?
  3. What challenges face this technology today, as well as its adoption and effective integration into our healthcare practices?
  4. How will this technology advance and develop over the next decade, and what needs are currently the most pressing for this VHAs and the industry.
  5. How will VHAs transform the patient experience and care, and in what ways do VHAs both empower and challenge doctors and patients?


  • Thomas Morrow , Chief Medical Officer, Next IT


Doug Freeman, PR, Jones-Dilworth, Inc

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Health and Medtech
  • Level: Intermediate
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