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Going Social: You Got The Tux, But Can You Dance?

It takes more than a fancy tuxedo and a social media presence to create a social organization. In addition to building social profiles, businesses must invite the entire company to the online dance and coax people to do a little jig. In this presentation, Mark Grindeland, the CMO of TeleTech and the co-founder of the first multi-profile social networking site for women, shows you how to move beyond the basic two-step of corporate Facebook and Twitter pages and get everyone out on the social dance floor. You’ll learn how to foster company community, indentify internal influencers, and turn executives (yes, even Mr. Fumblefoot) into social booty shakers. Plus, you’ll understand how to cultivate engagement, collaboration, and test groups that reduce risk and deliver strategic insights. Not only will Mark address the challenges of building a social company that is both governed and measured for success, he’ll help you play by the rules of corporate engagement and be the hit of the party.

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Jessica Godin, Marketing Events Coordinator, TeleTech

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