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A Must for Startups: 10 Tips About Law Enforcement


Let’s face it--companies are dealing with massive amounts of data and sensitive customer information. Whether your company idea is still on a napkin or if you’re reaching your first round of funding, you need a game plan for what happens when law enforcement comes knocking at your door--and it’s a matter or “when” not “if.” Knowing the answers to questions ahead of time will keep your investment and your customers protected.

This presentation is a practical guide for any startup founder or core team to become familiar with their individual law enforcement strategy. Attendees will hear from experts on every side of this issue to learn how to push back when it’s appropriate, how to preserve a company’s rights, and how to constructively work with law enforcement agencies. When it comes to a run-in with law enforcement, being prepared and informed can make or break a company’s reputation.

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  1. How do law enforcement agencies differ between the US and in Canada?
  2. How do you deal with law enforcement requests without inside counsel?
  3. How do you constructively pushback on overly broad law enforcement requests?
  4. What opportunities are there for law enforcement and private collaboration?
  5. What are the common misconceptions about dealing with law enforcement?



Jamie Tomasello, Policy and Investigation, CloudFlare

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