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Legal Hackers: A global movement to reform the law

It’s a constant refrain: the law fails to keep up with technology, and lawyers themselves are in the dark ages. But what can be done?

A growing movement of “Legal Hackers” may have the answer. Legal Hackers are lawyers, policymakers, technologists, and academics who have applied the “hacker ethic” to the legal profession as a means of fostering ground-up change in an industry that desperately needs it.

Beginning in 2012 in NYC, the legal hacking movement has now spread across the country and, increasingly, around the world. Legal hackers congregate in cities like DC, LA, London, Seattle, and Stockholm. They host “legal hackathons” to tackle issues like access to justice, open data, and digital privacy, and gather in meetups and workshops geared toward lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

In this panel, we will hear from a few of the leaders of the movement about what legal hacking is, how it is changing the legal industry for the better, and what the future holds.

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Jameson Dempsey, Associate, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP

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