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Learn to Code and Make the Software You Want

You're a "product person," the "idea guy," the "business gal."

Let's face it: You don't know how to code and it's killing your creativity and your career.

Learn from two people who went from "business guys" to lead developers of venture-backed startups in less than a year.

After attending this talk, you will not only be convinced it's possible for you to learn to code but have a roadmap on how to do it.

Last year we did this talk on a Sunday morning at 9am, the morning of day light savings and had a line out the door. You can listen to the session we did then here (next year more specific next steps for learning):

Here are some example tweets from the audience. We're still blushing:

We'd love to come back!

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  1. Is learning to code right for me?
  2. How hard is learning to code and do I have the ability to do it?
  3. What sorts of things can I expect to be able to code/build as a beginner?
  4. What is the right approach to my education? What curriculum do I use? How do I get started?
  5. Who and what should I turn to while I'm learning if I get stuck?



Nate Westheimer, Co-Founder, Picturelife

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