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SXSW Music 2015

Mobile Music Geekout - marketing, content & tech

Mobile Music Geekout - everything you wanted to know about mobile music, from creation, apps, marketing and content. The deep tech lowdown on how to bring your music to the mobile marketplace.

As consumer behaviours such as media consumption and internet browsing moves from fixed line to mobile devices, hear from the experts in mobile technology and fan engagement, email strategy and direct-to-fan platforms about how to make the most of mobile.

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  1. What's new in mobile music making, on iOS devices, Android, and bespoke hardware?
  2. What are the best techniques to reach consumers on their mobile devices?
  3. How to get your music to fans in a crowded mobile marketing landscape?
  4. Does mobile present unique opportunities for musicians to work with brands using technology?
  5. How does the advert of wearables change the mobile music ecosystem?



Oisin Lunny, Senior Market Development Manager, OpenMarket

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