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SXSW Interactive 2015

Blerds: The Rise Of The Black Nerd

Over the past ten years, African American culture has shifted significantly. Intelligence is the new cool and technology is the doorway to it. Academic excellence, being an expert, technological creativity, entrepreneurism and influencing culture are the new "it" things. What’s happening? A cultural shift is being ushered in by a dynamic group of people, people who call themselves, Blerds.

Blerds are Black nerds or intellectuals – individuals with high talent or interest in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. They’re also academics and aficionados, with high knowledge in the specific areas – from coding and developing, music and films, to gaming and comics. Not only are Blerds leaving their imprint on the world, many are doing it while waving their cultural flag, reminding people they aren’t just nerds, they’re Black nerds.

Blerds are making intelligence feel hip and fresh, and more and

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  1. What are Blerds?
  2. What's the history of Blerds?
  3. What was the catalyst that caused Blerds to rise in numbers?
  4. What influence are Blerds having on the rest of the world?
  5. How and why should we (marketers and advertisers) engage them?



corey d. seaton, creative director, Sanders\Wingo Advertising

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  • Tags: technology
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Social and Relationships
  • Level: Intermediate
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