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Artience: Art + Science in the World of Design

When it comes to good design, art and science go hand in hand; you can’t have one without the other. In today’s market of extreme design talent, those who are embracing data and science in their designs are creating winning products to take a step ahead of the rest. How do designers embrace data science in their designs? Each one is different and there are various types of data that can be used, however, there is no doubt that the outcomes are similar.

Our panelists, will go 3 rounds, literally, in a battle of design approach, philosophy and analytical acumen. Each round will feature a problem that designers must solve using their own experience, approach and best practices. It’s a test of how best to combine art and science in the realm of design and design led ventures. The audience will then have the opportunity to vote on the winner of each round - but really, everyone will win here. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Steve Vassallo, Soleio Cuervo and Scott Klemmer.




Shannon Reed, AAE, Nectar Communications

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