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SXSW Interactive 2015

Fear & Creativity: Finding Your Craft

Are you doing what you're meant to do in your career? In other words, have you found your craft?

Failure, rejection, and the unknown are all powerful fears that can keep us in our comfort zones and hold us back from finding our craft.

We're connected to more people, more information and more devices, but are we connected to our inner self? In the midst of all of the noise from text messages, emails, wall posts, blog posts and tweets, is there time for us to disconnect and unplug - to think, be creative and discover what we are meant to do?

This panel, comprised of creatives from the fields of fashion, art and tech, will explore how fear and creativity play roles in the pursuit of finding one's craft in the context of today where notifications constantly keep us alert and distracted. The audience will leave with actionable items to break through the digital noise to be more creative, thoughtful and fearless in their own endeavors and pursuit of finding their craft.

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  1. How can one harness fear to fuel creativity? Does fear affect us differently in the connected world we live in?
  2. It’s one thing to say you’re going to be fearless, but how does one actually embody fearlessness? Especially since we live in a society that reinforces and motivates us by fueling fear – how can we navigate these waters where we come out fearless?
  3. How do you regain your confidence after failure?
  4. How can you find your craft and how do you know when you’ve discovered it?
  5. Is finding your craft in a professional context different than finding your purpose or calling? How are they similar and/or different?



Helen Todd, Co-founder & CEO, Sociality Squared

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  • Event: Interactive
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