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The X Factor: Women Innovators

From the country's most brilliant technology visionaries and inventors to CEOs and entrepreneurs, the nature of men verses women in these roles has undergone a major change, particularly in the past decade. When it comes to innovator verses entrepreneur, how do women and men stack up?

Bette Graham, Mary Anderson and Anna Connelly are hardly household names but without them, we may never have had electric typewriters, windshield wipers or fire escapes. Do women innovate differently than men? This group of female panelists explores this relationship from the viewpoints of the technology innovator, the social media entrepreneur and the venturing and emerging brands executive looking to discover and grow the next big idea. We'll take multi-tasking to a new level in looking at how these panelists approach innovation.

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  1. Is there a roadmap for innovation that will improve outcomes? These three panelists will share their unique and creative approaches to building the next big beverage for Coca-Cola, the next great technology platform or the next great start-up with diversity at it's base.
  2. How important is creativity to innovation? This panel will explore whether women innovate differently than their male counterparts. Some argue that STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering and Math) looks more like STEAM (with the A for arts thrown in) when women are brought into the mix.
  3. Is collaboration essential to innovation? There are untold historical examples of scientists and inventors operating in their labs or attics completely solo. This panel will explore how innovation works well collaboratively and how it sometimes gets derailed. The panelists will share direct experiences from accelerator and collaboration initiatives that were both boons and boondoggles.
  4. Is design more important than technology? Form + Function. Why the user experience and interface can make or break a product. Can women excel in form + function innovation by combining their social intelligence, eye for detail and empathy?
  5. If women are genetically inclined for innovation, why is taking action so difficult? If women are better multitaskers and observers, then why do so many women lack the confidence they need to take risk, be more decisive, become entrepreneurs or market their best selves?



Danica Kombol, Managing Partner, Everywhere

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