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Physical Products & The New Distribution Model

The old model of brand building and product distribution of physical goods has changed. No longer do you need to introduce via traditional media channels (commercials, trade press, long lead placements in magazines) or physical space in a showroom. As social channels become more and more efficient, creators can connect directly with their consumers in new ways. From here, commerce can occur and word-of-mouth can grow a brand quickly without tons of media spend. This conversation will showcase entrepreneurs who make physical, tangible goods yet have used the internet in novel ways -- through content, social media, and innovative new business models -- to create new, successful brands from scratch.


  1. What are the advantages of taking the brand direct from creator to consumer?
  2. How does editorial content and more conversational media help sales?
  3. This model is also being used in entertainment (Aziz Ansari selling his comedy show direct for a cheaper amount, Louis CK selling tickets to his shows direct online) - what other industries do we think will adapt this model and change? Which ones are too entrenched in conventional structures?
  4. The Internet can create an overwhelming amount of demand for a product. How do you sustain that and keep everyone happy?
  5. How do you reconcile the need for tactile feedback, try-ons, or getting a physical impression of the product?



Kristin Maverick, Director, Earned Media, The Barbarian Group

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