SXSW Interactive 2013

The Future of Porn

Cindy Gallop's initiative received an extraordinary response when she launched it at TED 2009 - including support from many members of the porn industry. Cindy shares the experience of subsequently battling every possible barrier society could produce, to turn MakeLoveNotPorn into a business venture - - and the insights that process has provided on the biggest sociocultural influence on young people today that we don't talk about; how the porn industry can reinvent itself and its business model; and the huge opportunities the tech world is missing out on, given that every obstacle an entrepreneur with a tech startup encounters, triple when that startup is to do with sex.

If you are offended by the use of sexually explicit language, please do not attend this session.

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  1. What is the real world impact on young people today and their sexual and life behavior, given how instantaneous access to hardcore porn online now operates as default sex education?
  2. How does the porn industry really operate as a business and what business problems is it currently facing?
  3. What is the technology industry's attitude towards startups and ventures that operate in the area of sex and porn?
  4. What are the huge money-making business opportunities that the porn industry has so far left completely unexplored?
  5. What are the really interesting, innovative, disruptive initiatives taking place in the porn industry and in sex-orientated tech ventures that no one knows about?



Cindy Gallop, Founder & CEO, MakeLoveNotPorn

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