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SXSW Interactive 2015

Hold The Queso: Marketing to Latinas

Latinas are the holy grail of marketers. With eighty-six percent saying they are the primary decision makers in their households, Latinas are pivotal to the Hispanic market’s $1.2 trillion in annual buying power.
But before you go into "fiesta" mode, throwing around sombreros, confetti, and some random Spanglish, consider this:
—Latinas are way more diverse than you think
—Latinas are way are more sophisticated than you think
—62% of Latinas wish for more lifestyle information written for "Latinas like me."
As a Latina lifestyle expert, Emmy-nominated host, and co-author of Border-line Personalities: A New Generation of Latinas dish on Sex, Sass, and Cultural Shifting I’ll help define who YOUR Latina customer is and what she NEEDS, so you can begin talking TO her instead of talking AT her. I'll share my expertise from launching my own website, offering lifestyle tips on the Today Show, and working in Latin media to help you create campaigns that are effective, not offensive.

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  1. Who is my target Latina audience?
  2. How can I engage Latinas authentically?
  3. What five things should I never say to a Latina?
  4. Which mediums and platforms work best when reaching Latinas?
  5. How important is it for me to have a Latina on staff?


  • Robyn Moreno, Founder at Robynmoreno.com, RM Media


Robyn Moreno, Founder at Robynmoreno.com, RM Media

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Diversity and Emerging Markets
  • Level: Intermediate
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