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SXSWedu 2015

Reforming Charter Reform

This conversation starts with twin premises: charter schools are an important part of the overall schooling landscape, and the charter school sector can be made more equitable. We will avoid the “charters good”/”charters bad” debate. Instead, we will provide several starter ideas, based on our own research, for how charter school policy can be reformed to drive greater equity. We will then lead a conversation that brings forth ideas of all attendees, jointly creating and developing our ideas.

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  1. Understanding the unique opportunities and challenges of charter schools in a constructive way, designed to move beyond heated debates and to work toward solutions that benefit all children.
  2. Understanding how charter schools have sometimes fallen short of providing equitable opportunities, as well as how charter schools have sometimes addressed those weaknesses and become more equitable.
  3. Developing ideas to reform policy and practice in concrete ways that will move the overall charter school sector toward greater equity.



Kevin Welner, Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder

Meta Information:

  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Core Conversation
  • Track: Achievement Gaps & Educational Equality
  • Level: Field Experience
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