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SXSW Interactive 2013

HIPAA: Privacy, Social Media, and Cloud Computing

U.S. healthcare has been revolutionized by three fundamental pressures: 1. increasing governmental and public demand for increased patient accessibility and health information interoperability; 2. progressively stricter HIPAA privacy and security regulations; and 3. plummeting compensation for medical services and resulting consolidation of service providers into larger more proprietary closed networks. There is a need for a HIPAA-compliant, web based; collaborative workspace for medical providers and patients that exists outside the confines of large proprietary information networks. Authenticated users could access patient records from various medical entities, search for a medical provider meeting particular qualifications, and then request a consultation and share medical records with this provider. Social media principles allow all users to rate their experience with other medical providers (favoring) and the composite data is used as a subjective measure of quality.

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  1. How can social media principles (e.g. favoring) be utilized to create a quality measurement scale for all providers (doctors, medical care facilities, and other providers) to be interactively rated by patients and other providers as subjective measure of quality and how can this information be presneted to patients and providers to assist dcision making about referrals and/or the best match of patient reuirements with provider demographics and rating?
  2. How can private cloud computing provide a secure “green zone” discussion forum for properly authenticated and authorized users to access a patient's electronic medical records and collaborate with other providers (or the patient) within a secure collaborative medical record; obtain online consultations; and authorize consultants to access records pertinent to the consultation, all within the confines of a secure "green zone".
  3. How can a real time, interactive, filtered search methodology be used to provide a listing of providers meeting desired practice parameters (e.g. zip code, service type, insurance acceptance, accepting new patients, etc.) and/or rating to medical practitioners or patients as part of an electronic ordering system for additional medical services?
  4. How can a cloud based, "authentication as a service" model be used to coordinate the authorization of user access to specific ePHI and to operationalize the role based access privileges in keeping with “minimum necessary” access privacy policies of HIPAA best practices?
  5. How can biometric authentication model be used to solve the unique patient identifier problem that has plagued health information exchanges and challenges the automatic synchronization of ePHI between medical record system using separate patient record identification systems?



Douglas Smith, President, Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants LLC

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