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SXSW Film 2015

Not Everything Has Been Done

“Everything has been done”, is a cynical phrase spoken among artists and creatives.

Once you accept this notion it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. If you look outside your artistic field, to science and technology, you’ll find that innovation is infinite. Every new technology presents a way to create that hasn’t been done before. Using technology in ways it wasn’t intended can provide even more variables to explore.

Filmmaking is the only artform that is both reliant on and freed by technology. Each decade films take new forms and formats. However, good ideas don’t stand on technology alone, it’s the story and emotion that carries the audience. We must look beyond the innovation of technology and see what new stories it allows us to tell.

The talk will look to the future of filmmaking--everything from the the use of robotics to lens-less cameras.

A few clips of my own work will also be shown to explain how technology has played a part in its conception.

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  1. Should we resign to the notion that everything has been done? Why this is a problematic mindset.
  2. Does creative thinking lead to better technology or does technology lead to better creative?
  3. Getting past the gimmick. How technique can only get you so far. What the human brain desires more than cool tricks.
  4. Why now is a better time than ever to be a filmmaker and harder than ever to get noticed.
  5. What’s left to do? What are emerging technologies and how can this influence and develop new filmmaking techniques?



Paul Trillo, Director, Big Block Live

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  • Tags: filmmaking
  • Event: Film
  • Format: Conversation
  • Track: Tech
  • Track 2
  • Level: Beginner
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