SXSW Interactive 2015

Content Is King, But the Editor Is Queen

From content marketers launching corporate newsrooms to consultants blogging their way to fame and fortune, many of us who have never considered ourselves writers or publishers are now in the content business. Since good editing is often the secret behind the pieces that get read and shared most, in this session we’ll look at what makes an editorial relationship successful and valuable in the digital era. We’ll discuss how to help authors who aren’t professional writers develop an online voice, and how to integrate data analytics with editorial instinct. Authors will learn how to ensure that this process becomes a source of inspiration, creative renewal, and professional advantage. And by pulling back the curtain on our own editorial relationship (with before-and-after looks at past stories and arguments), we’ll facilitate a candid conversation among other content marketers, editors, and contributors about how to effectively collaborate in creating great written content online.

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  1. How do we define what “good editing” means in the world of user-generated and algorithmically presented content?
  2. What approaches to editing are viable and sustainable in the high-volume, high-frequency world of digital content?
  3. What is the business value of editing -- to writers, to site publishers and to content marketers?
  4. How can writers work effectively with editors to develop their own voice – instead of losing it?
  5. How can authors and editors have a productive fight?



Ania Wieckowski, Senior Editor, Branded Lines, Harvard Business Review Press

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