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SXSW Music 2015

Sync in 2015: Newest Trends, Tools and Techniques

Sync licensing is a primary revenue stream for many artists. With the advent of new business models and technologies, artists can continue to generate revenue opportunities beyond just the original placement. During this panel we’ll examine the latest developments in synchronization licensing strategy and monetization. Panelists will delve into the details of content ID, micro syncs and multi channel networks, while focusing on the best ways to monetize content on YouTube and other online platforms. We will discuss innovative approaches to brand partnerships and strategic syncs as well as outline major deal terms, negotiation tactics, and potential red flags.

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  1. What are the current trends in licensing? How can I leverage these trends to get my music placed? What strategies can I deploy to close the deal? What are the common pitfalls and how do I avoid them?
  2. What new technologies and practices can I use to monetize my content further?
  3. What is content ID and how to start collecting? What is a multi channel network and how do I join one? What are the benefits to joining a MCN? How are advertisers using MCNs to boost brand awareness?
  4. What are the best YouTube monetization strategies? How can I use content id and an MCN to make the most revenue from youtube views?
  5. What are ad agencies looking for in a music partner? How do I get my music in advertisements? What are ways to partner with brands outside of traditional sync licensing?



Jennifer Newman Sharpe, Attorney, Law Offices of Jennifer Newman Sharpe, PLLC

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