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SXSW Music 2013

EMI: Insight from 1 million consumer interviews

With ever increasing ways of accessing and consuming music, it is even more important to be in touch with the consumer and understand not only WHAT they want, but HOW to provide that in the right format, on the right device, at the right time, for the right price!

The EMI Million Interview Dataset is the richest and largest music appreciation dataset ever released publicly; a massive, unique, rich, high-quality dataset that contains interests, attitudes, behaviours, familiarity, and appreciation of music as expressed by music fans around the world.

Mark Mulligan (Analyst and Author of MusicIndustryBlog) recently used this data to show how streaming impacts positively on purchase behaviour.

This, and other insights about consumer quirks will be discussed in detail, with the data and presentations made available to attendees after the session.

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  1. How do consumers listen to music? Is it all streaming nowadays?
  2. How do MOST consumers discover new music? Are Music Fans different?
  3. What do MOST consumers do after they discover new music? Are Music Fans different?
  4. What other products do people who buy physical and digital music want?
  5. What would people who buy no buy physical or digital music be willing to pay for?



Chris Carey, Global Insight Director, EMI Music

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