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Big Data: The New Oil or the New Snake Oil?

Mobile technologies have enabled music executives to understand as never before how people are consuming music. What people are listening to is just the tip of the iceberg – now, labels can see where they are and even what time they interact with music. Additionally, the very nature of the “immediacy” in mobile technology enables data to be packaged in such a way as to demonstrate predictive behaviours, giving valuable commercial insights. This panel will discuss the current state of mobile technology, what kind of data can be captured by popular entertainment apps, how that data can be translated and the impact it has for labels and artists.

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  1. What kind of impact does geolocation-related data make on the music industry?
  2. How does "immediacy" impact marketing plans for artists?
  3. What are the different data provided by the different types of entertainment apps (streaming vs. discovery, etc)?
  4. With increasingly specific data available for artists, how can they best access and harness the new information that is available to them?
  5. How can labels work with their artists to leverage this information to benefit both parties?



Will Mills, Director, Music and Content, Shazam

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