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How to Win Long Term with Gamification

The tricky thing about gamification is that it will always work in the short term, but you need different tools for long term success. Gartner predicts that 80 percent of gamification apps will fail. We all remember the rise to fame of location-based social networking with check-ins and badges, but as quickly as it came to the forefront it is now on the D list of social networking. But why? How can brands make their gamification sustainable over long-term? Driving loyalty that lasts many years requires a very different set of gamification tools. This talk will explore the hundreds of gamification tools that have been developed- ranging from something as simple as points, badges and leaderboards, to different kinds of ranks and reputations—and how to use them in a way that work long term. It will also help you decide what’s the right tools for your job to solve a variety of business problems, such as: onboarding, marketing campaigns, collaboration, innovation, or something much bigger.

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  1. Why the bulk of gamification apps fail?
  2. What are the tools to design and implement sustainable gamification?
  3. Why no one gamification tool will last forever?
  4. How to decide on the best gamification tool for your business objectives?
  5. How to motivate with gamification to build long-lasting, loyal customer relationships?


  • Michael Wu, Chief Scientist, Lithium


Francisca Fanucchi, Comms/PR, Lithium

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