SXSW Music 2015

The Connected Festival & The Future of Event Tech


The festival space has hit a tipping point. Mobile ticketing, social media promotion, and live web streaming has become more prevalent. The Internet and wireless networks needed to support these event technologies can be cost prohibitive and complicated to integrate.

This session's panelists will present the results of The Connected Festival Report™, including case studies and insights from stakeholders, from festival organizers and promoters, to WLAN vendors and event tech companies servicing the festival industry, how to overcome current technical challenges to meet the growing fan expectation for on-site Wi-Fi while opening up new opportunities for revenue.

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  1. How are festivals today utilizing event technology to enhance the fan experience and streamline their back-of-house operations?
  2. What does a Connected Festival look like and what are the advantages? (case study review)
  3. How much does Wi-Fi and Internet really cost and can it be pre-packaged based on festival needs to reduce price and installation time?
  4. What new and increased revenue opportunities await as a result of an investment in Wi-Fi?
  5. What does the future hold for festivals, what will fans and sponsors expect and how will event technology play a part?



Kim Owens, Editor/Digital Consultant, Kaffeine Buzz

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