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Creative Collaboration Using an Open Source Model

The availability of open source libraries and frameworks has spawned rapid explorations in new expressional forms and has provided a common environment for collaboration between artists and creators. Further the wide accessibility of these tools is enabling the participation of consumers into the creative process, thereby generating a dynamic of a different dimension. Daito Manabe, a cutting edge media artist and ARS Electronica winner comes again to SXSW 2013. He and Kaoru Sugano, a creative technologist from Japanese advertising giant Dentsu, a Cannes Titanium 2012 winner, have duo session and will share current explorations in open sourcing the creative process and discuss future possibilities. Two alchemists from digital world will reveal their secret of creation.

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  1. How to merge open source model into creative process?
  2. How to interact big data? Can we really count on a participation of consumers ?
  3. Who the heck is "Creative Technologist?" To be an Creative Technologist, what kind of skills and knowledges a person should obtain?
  4. Especially in client work case, how to persuade them with such an experimental methodology?
  5. How to achieve creativity and marketing KPI at the same time?



Noriyoshi Sekiguchi, Planning Director, Dentsu Inc.

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