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SXSW Interactive 2015

Tech + the Maker Movement; Destroying the Paradigm

The power of technology combined with the spreading maker movement is shifting the axis of power in the consumer goods game. With 3D printers available in Home Depot, and IndieGoGo powering campaigns across 57 countries, it's no longer about what people can afford to make; it's about what people can dare to dream up. No longer do we have to rely on the elite minority to decide what will be produced and available in the mass market, and the mass market is taking notice. Thought leaders in crowdfunding, the maker community, and tech-poweed consumer goods talk about flipping consumerism on its head.

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  1. What does consumerism look like in the digital age?
  2. How does the maker movement impact the consumer's perception of value?
  3. Time is quickly becoming the most precious commodity. How does this influence the behavior of entrepreneurs, marketers and consumers?
  4. If I can make it myself, why should I buy it?
  5. We still exist in a consumer world that's heavily curated by an elite minority. Where is the tipping point?


  • Lindsey Shepard, VP Sales and Marketing, GoldieBlox
  • Danae Ringelman, Founder, IndieGoGo
  • Vishal Arya, Manager, North American Supply Chain, Amazon.com, Amazon.com


Lindsey Shepard, VP Sales and Marketing, GoldieBlox

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