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SXSW Interactive 2013

Digital Health N00bs: What to Expect

This panel will provide a robust discussion around establishing best practices and setting targeted expectations for first-time entrepreneurs in the digital health space. The goal is to extract insights from seasoned industry experts and entrepreneurs who have extensive experience in health care innovation and to share those learnings with new and growing cohorts of developers and professionals who are joining the the digital health movement.

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  1. What is the one best piece of advice you can share with first-time digital health entrepreneurs?
  2. What challenges/barriers exist in the digital health space that are unique to health and medicine and must be tackled with particularly industrious strategies?
  3. How do you think digital health entrepreneurs can better share resources and build a connected community that will have traction in the world of providers and payers?
  4. Where is the epicenter of health IT innovation taking place and is that where first-time entrepreneurs should flock with their ideas?
  5. What funding and marketing avenues are most effective for seed capital in digital health and health IT - angels, VCs, customers, physicians, direct to consumer, or b2b?



Sarah Pollet, Chief Operating Officer, Rock Health

Meta Information:

  • Tags: health, digital
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Health and Medicine
  • Track 2
  • Level: Advanced
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