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Mobile: How to Build Beyond the Phone

For many, mobile means portable technology – and for 1 billion people, that means smartphones. However, when we talk about what’s next in the space, it goes beyond the phone. Mobile will encompass anything that delivers you data on the go – from clothing with sensors that monitor health and activity to home devices that work together to serve up personalized content.

This panel will bring together experts in mobile and social to discuss how their companies are building the next wave of user experience. They’ll touch on how consumer technology products will need to evolve as mobile takes on new meaning in the future. What do app makers need to be thinking about as we shift toward a world of wearables, smart homes and new devices? This panel will give us a look at how forming decisions, interacting, and understanding ourselves and others will change as mobile tech becomes even more ingrained in our lives




Elana Gurney, Associate, Inner Circle Labs

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