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The Rise of Contextual Social Networks

Social networks rise and fall as people try to find a site that satisfies their social needs, and the “one-size fits all” networks may no longer hold the value that they did when you first signed up. Are hourly updates from a childhood friend you're long out of touch with actually relevant? Do you want to share personal updates with your co-workers? People are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information they are being inundated with and are looking for truly social experiences that enable them to make meaningful connections with the people and communities that matter to them. Contextual social networks are giving people the experiences and relationships that originally drew them to social networks: having a private online network catered to shared interests.Is this a new era of social networks? This diverse panel of social networks share how contextual platforms foster meaningful interactions based on real relationships, shared interests, activities and even around neighborhoods.

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Tierney Oakes, Assistant Account Executive , SutherlandGold Group

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