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How Your Startup Can Win The New VC And M&A Game


The tech startup world has changed dramatically in recent years with the rise of crowdfunding, a changing venture capital industry, and changes in the M&A market. Venture capital has seen the growth of many angels and smaller funds, new corporate venture firms, as well as the concentration of a small number of large funds.

We’ll talk about how entrepreneurs can best build their companies, raise funding and prepare (optimize) for a massive exit in this new environment. To build successful companies, entrepreneurs need to think about these larger strategic issues and how they affect each other. We’ll also talk about the mechanics of how to develop relationships with potential acquirers and how to negotiate with acquirers.

The panel includes experts in startups, venture capital, corporate development and M&A. They are at the forefront of new ways of investing in startups and conducting M&A transactions.

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  1. - How should entrepreneurs evaluate fundraising options in this new venture capital and angel funding environment?
  2. - How does receiving investment from crowdfunding, angel and/or venture capital sources affect the exit options available for entrepreneurs?
  3. - How can entrepreneurs get to know potential strategic acquirers while building their businesses? And when is the right time?
  4. - How should entrepreneurs assess their options when considering selling their companies?
  5. - What should entrepreneurs know in negotiations for M&A in terms of deal structures and optimal "fit" with a potential buyer?



Tomio Geron, Director of Content, Exitround

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