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SXSW Interactive 2015

Lean UX and Roller Derby: Surprisingly Similar

Being able to quickly iterate, thriving in a collaborative environment, and conducting retrospectives; all are very important to both Lean UX and Roller Derby. In this session we will explore some surprisingly similarities between being a designer on a Lean UX team and being a skater on a roller derby team (pro tip: it has nothing to do with throwing elbows or hip-checks).

Megan will share practical advice and useful information that she has learned from her unique perspective of being on a thriving Lean UX team at PayPal and a successful roller derby coach. You will leave this session with information that can be directly applied to your Lean UX design process (bonus: no skates required).

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  1. I'm interested in moving from a waterfall design process to the Lean UX methodology; what practical advice would you have from a company making the transition?
  2. How can I encourage more collaboration between members of my team?
  3. How can I create an environment for my team to thrive creatively and collaboratively?
  4. What benefit can retrospectives add to my current design process?
  5. How can I facilitate better methods of feedback and mutual learning between my team?


  • Megan Williams, UX Designer, PayPal


Megan Williams, UX Designer, PayPal

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