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Transcendent Tech: Is G-d Rebooting The World?

We live in an increasingly connected world. Constant streams of tweets, status-updates and check-ins have brought humanity closer together than ever.
We've entered an era with an emphasis on creating and unifying - where social media has led social revolutions and start-ups are born on the premise of reaching out to each other and fostering new standards of unity and communication.

Yet how do we escape the information overload that can often leave us distracted and overwhelmed? Is there a message behind the medium and a way to bring transcendence to technology (while not falling pray to the distractions and trolls)? How can start-ups bridge the gap between disruptive innovation and use their vision for a higher moral direction for all of mankind?

Join in a fireside chat on finding an elevated spiritual purpose as we proceed towards an increasingly connected digital future.

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Mordechai Lightstone, Director of Social Media, Lubavitch News Service

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