SXSW Interactive 2015

How the Internet Works: A Primer


The Internet is arguably the greatest invention of all time. At just 25 years old it has only just begun to change our lives. A commonplace for more than 2 billion people, only a fraction of those users actually know how it works. Ever wonder how that email actually gets to your old college roommate or where is goes when you click send? Join world-renowned British programmer and writer John Graham-Cumming for a technical primer on the journey through networks and packets of information. Learn about the Internet’s early years and how it has evolved today, including the bottlenecks and hiccups nobody predicted, and predictions for its future.

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  1. How did the Internet come about?
  2. How does data travel through the internet?
  3. Who controls the Internet?
  4. Can the Internet ever fully “go down?”
  5. What are some predictions for the future Internet?



John Graham-Cumming, Programmer, CloudFlare

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