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Building Gender-Balanced Startups


Everyone in tech wants more gender balance in the startup ecosystem, but the practical challenges to implementing that goal are complex, and involve many players—from the incubation/hackathon culture, to the VC community, to the startup founders and execs who must hire and manage a (hopefully) gender-balanced team. Join a leading venture capitalist, female tech leader, and reporter as they discuss the problems they’ve encountered—and offer solid advice for building a more inclusive (and therefore successful) startup industry.

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  1. How venture capitalists can (or should) think about gender balance in the companies they fund.
  2. How startup founders can build their companies with gender balance in the foundation.
  3. How incubators and hackathons can foster a more gender inclusive community.
  4. What are practical things we can do in the short term to address the issue?
  5. What changes can we start making to drive long-term change in the industry?



Vanessa Camones, CEO , theMIX agency

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