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SXSW Interactive 2015

Lies, Damn Lies, and Big Data

In the vast ocean of big data swim the answers to everything we need to know about who our customers are, what products we should make, which content matters, where competitors are moving, and how our industries are evolving. But like the ocean, big data is vast, dark, and deep. Data scientists are the new Jacques Cousteau, capable of navigation, exploration, and bridging the gap of human understanding to uncover meaning. But all is not pristine. With so much data, proper analysis remains a challenge, along with the ability to interpret the results, regardless of computing power and doctoral dissertations. Selectively fishing for data that provide justifications for false claims is a significant danger. This panel will explore how any brand or content producer can dive into the data ocean without drowning. Real-life case studies will cover the application of big data to online media and digital content.

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  1. What are the greatest pitfalls in big data?
  2. What type of talent is required to launch a big data initiative?
  3. How is a big data project different from statistical analysis?
  4. Are there tools to help?
  5. How can you interpret data when it indicates different things?



Alexandra English, Marketing Communications Manager, Pixability

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