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Big Data: Weaving Insights into Opportunities

Like many disruptive technological innovations, Big Data has the power to transform our lives– if we know how to use it. From the data generated by millions of people "checking in” at local hotspots, to the hundreds of thousands of data points generated per second by a patient in the ICU, to the limitless data created by daily web-browsing and social media activity, every bit can be used to gather insights that change how we shop, travel, interact and run businesses. Turning that data into actionable insights requires expert ‘tailors’ with the innovative vision to recognize how data fits into the tapestry of an organization. During this panel, you’ll hear from some of the biggest names across industries on how they’ve knitted data points together to build apps to help travelers plan a trip, predict complications in trauma patients, analyze countless Twitter and social media mentions to identify the most relevant topics and trends, and much more.

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Sam Ponedal, Account Executive, Text100 Global Communications

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