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SXSW Interactive 2015

Software's Development: A 25 Year Retrospective

Software has come a long way in the last 25 years. As software development firms, the panelists have been around to see all of it. Representing decades of cumulative experience, these companies have handled development projects that run the gamut of technologies, domains, and industries. In this panel discussion, Art & Logic, Mutual Mobile, and a player to be named later come together to discuss not only the history of software development, but its current state and its future.

This will be part technology talk, part anthropological study, and part sociological experiment, as we delve into our history to learn how the sausage is made, and then extrapolate where the industry will be carried by ever-changing, velocity-driven technology. Paneled by both established leaders and new voices quickly turned veterans, it is sure to be an interesting experience for all who attend.

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  1. Where have we been? Panelists discuss their experiences of large-scale software development in the early years of the burgeoning tech industry focussing on building businesses centered around software development, making their bones in the field, and learning hard lessons.
  2. The Bubble Pops: A frank discussion of the heady and sometimes scary days of the dot com boom and subsequent burst. We'll talk about the rise of the internet as a ubiquitous element of life both as a user and as a developer, the partial collapse of the industry circa 2000, and it's recovery and resurgence.
  3. The Mobile Wave: A look at a software revolution that is still developing as we speak. From the first days of BlackBerry development to the launch of the iPhone, how has mobile development changed our industry. How has it affected skillsets and market demands for development houses, and how has it changed software. How does mobile development affect traditional desktop and web development. How has putting a computer in our pockets affected software in general?
  4. Where are we now: the panel discusses the state of the development industry as it stands today. What are the challenges of running a development house right now? How is your company different now than when it started? What is your advice to software contractors and people starting development businesses right now?
  5. The Internet of things: Where are we going? What is the future of our industry? What are some dangers to look out for, and what are the "Next Big Thing(s)" on our horizon? How is software changing, and how will those changes affect the people and businesses who make it and use it?



Joshua Gill, Global Account Manager, Art & Logic, INC.

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