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Wild About You

Wild About You will examine the diverse music that has come from Australia and New Zealand over the past fifty years. What makes it different culturally and sonically. Whilst Australia and New Zealand are extremely close geographically their music creations are frequently very different. The panel will examine the global success of AC/DC, inxs, Gotye, Kylie Minogue, silverchair and others as well as constant cult favourites such as the Hoodoo Gurus, The Clean, The Chills, Divinyls,The Church, The Saints, and The Go Betweens. Then the panel will look at some of the massively successful bands from these countries who have made virtually no impression outside their own country. There will be a focus on what makes Australian and New Zealand different from that of other countries, how it has evolved, its key elements and the impact - both good and bad - of the comparative geographical isolation from the rest of the world. The panel will act as a primer on the music of these countries.




Stuart Coupe, Director, Laughing Outlaw Records & Management

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