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SXSW Interactive 2015

5 ways brands #fail at being cool

Brands have a tough gig these days. Attention is scarce. Networks are many. The pressure to be relevant is higher than ever. Social is proving to be a winning strategy for engaging audiences, especially if brands do something cool with it. And yet, corporations famously take what’s cool, and kill it.

That’s because what’s cool is in constant flux. And its life cycle is rapidly shrinking thanks to social and mobile innovations. Now cool travels faster, farther and then fizzles more quickly when it hits a saturation point - The pace that cool travels at is inherently in opposition to the speed which business moves. So by the time brands show up to the party, most folks have already moved on.

In this session I’ll share disasters and success stories that explain these five reasons why brands fail at “being cool”.

Vote for me for SXSW 2015. We’ll have some laughs, learn some important lessons, and deep dive on what it takes to win over your audience on social.

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  1. What makes a good social media campaign?
  2. Why do brands fail at trying to be cool on social?
  3. Which brands are successful at riding social trends?
  4. How do you connect with the right audiences on social channels?
  5. Which social networks are cool?



Ashley Brookes, Senior Brand and Content Manager, HootSuite Media Inc

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