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SXSWedu 2015

Contextualize Learning via Proximity with iBeacons

Indoor positioning and proximity-based contextualization are two of the latest features to hit mobile apps. We’ve been exploring applications for iBeacons in education. Most recently we’ve worked with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences on a project funded by IMLS to develop a museum navigation and guide app utilizing iBeacons to deliver a contextualized in-app experience supporting geo-aware interfaces and indoor wayfinding.

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  1. Beacon data. Learn what data beacons can provide your app and how to manage that integration.
  2. Contextualized learning. Learn how iBeacons are being utilized to provide an engaging, context-aware experience simplifying navigation and information gathering in a museum app.
  3. Create your own experiment. Learn how we setup our own experiment in the office to explore possibilities for iBeacons and how you can too.



Scott McQuiggan, Director, SAS Curriculum Pathways, SAS Institute Inc

Meta Information:

  • Tags: mobile
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Mentor
  • Track: Social & Mobile Learning
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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