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Promise & Pitfalls of Too Much Health Data

Every major tech company has a vision, product or POV for improving health and wellness. Digital health funding is at an all-time high. Consumers can track steps, sleep, blood glucose, weight, and even medication compliance. Health data is being generated at a furious rate.
Doctors are digitizing their practices and increasingly connecting with patients digitally.

But herein lies the challenge. Are consumers and physicians ready for the health data revolution? Is there such as thing as having too much data?

This session provides insight into both belief and behavior; the current state of consumer–physician readiness; and what’s being done to make data actionable enough to change human behavior.

Dr. Michael Smith, Chief Medical Editor at WebMD, sits down with a biometric device user and a practicing physician in an effort to shed light on the subject. Individual stories and new survey data released at SXSW will inform the market needs in this industry.

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Catherin Daniel, Sr. Manager PR, WebMD

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