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SXSW Interactive 2015

Turning a Pilot into Success

Health technology startup companies face the burden of breaking into an established health care system before their solution can gain traction. Customers of these startups, including Hospital networks, health plans, and consumers/patients, expect to see a product or service that has been validated. They want to mitigate risk by purchasing a solution that has shown evidence of the benefits they claim to deliver.
Indu Subaiya, CEO and Co-founder of Health 2.0 will show companies how to design pilots that simulate how a product will operate in a health care setting while collecting data that will validate the solution. The session will also highlight how to transform pilot data into investments, customers and exit events.
Health 2.0 has run multiple successful pilot programs including Pilot Health Tech NYC. The 10 winning companies from the 2013 program have gone on to raise $150 M in venture capital investments. These companies include AdhereTech, SenseHealth and StarlingHealth.

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  1. How do entrepreneurs find a willing partner to pilot a technology in the health care system?
  2. What programs exist to provide a framework for successfully piloting my company's technology?
  3. What does an effective pilot design look like and which clinical data is most useful to validate my product to health care institutions?
  4. How does my company show that we are economically advantageous to hospitals or health care organizations?
  5. What are investors looking for in my pilot and how does my company effectively pitch a clinical study to investors?



Alicia Davis, Challenge Manager, Health 2.0

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