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SXSW Interactive 2015

Why Today Jerry Maguire Would be Unemployed

Jerry Maguire, faced with today’s sports world, would have had a breakdown a bit earlier.
Jerry was right about the need for authenticity in the game, but the struggle to finding it in the sports world would have been harder to do without the right skills.
Yeah, the ability to schmooze and shake hands is nice, but tomorrow’s sports business person needs to be a creator of sports experience. So that’s an authentic story, in every single aspect of the digital and physical worlds, from how you buy your tickets to how you get involved in fantasy leagues to how you view the actually game, at home or in the stadium. It’s like a million moving pieces.
Today’s sports professional is focused on social media, and will bring digital into every single aspect of the game. Period. The players’ rapport with fans. The viewing experience. The ways fans connect with each other. If you can’t manage every aspect of this in the coming decade, then you don’t have the right playbook.

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  1. What matters in the business of sports today and tomorrow?
  2. What kind of person is best suited for this business?
  3. How does a person prepare for a career in sports with real longevity?
  4. What aspects of the sports business still matter the most?
  5. How will the fan experience change in the next 10 years?



Graham Nolan, VP Marketing Communications, North America, Momentum Worldwide

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