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SXSW Music 2015

Show me the money, show me the fans!

Come learn about some of the latest developments within two fundamental pillars of sustaining and growing an artist’s career: funding and fan development. Hear from experts who are actively working with artists, managers and labels to establish a better foundation for long-term, sustained artist success leveraging new technologies and innovative practices. Panelists will provide a brief overview of their approaches, share case studies, and provide their perspective on developments in funding and fan acquisition.

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  1. Do you see the current crowd-funding solutions as adequate in replacing the lack of music sales and artist development in the music industry? If not, what do you see as the future of artist funding?
  2. Can you cite recent examples of artists successfully leveraging alternative funding approaches and extrapolate from those case studies some guiding principles for developing artists?
  3. What do you anticipate will be the long-term effect of the dearth of artist development in the current major label system and how can new companies and technologies rise up to fill the gap?
  4. Can you provide some examples of what has contributed to your success in building a sustainable career? Can you cite some practical pitfalls, specific things to avoid?
  5. What combination of fundraising tools would you recommend for artists early in their career? And how would those recommendations change as the artist becomes more successful?



Michael Rosenthal, Digital Strategist , OK Go / Paracadute

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