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Show&Smell 2: Marketing Experiences Beyond Visual

Back by popular demand! Building on last year’s packed Show & Smell showcase combining inspiring emerging technologies and sensory marketing, this hands-on crowd experience of leading edge technologies, continues to define the key factors of how to make new technology work in a promotional marketing program or experiential states.

With live demonstrations of technologies you won’t see every day—technologies bringing together the physical and digital to harness your sight, smell, touch and taste including Twitter-driven robots, crowd-controlled gaming, and a host of emerging technologies even WE haven't seen yet.

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  1. What emerging technologies are coming down the pike? (A live in-crowd demonstration of leading edge experiences)
  2. What are some of the potential business uses for these technologies? (And some famous misses.)
  3. How can these technologies be implemented for your brand or client's benefit?
  4. What are some inspired stripped down immersive experiences with lo-tech or no-tech engagement? (And why do they work?)
  5. How can convergence between digital and physical worlds being harnessed to more authentically communicate with your audience?



Heather Gately, Director, Marketing and Communications, The Marketing Store

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