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Behind the Wireframe: UX Leadership Secrets

Learn UX Leadership secrets to empower your team to do amazing things! As UX grows as a discipline, we need to rewrite the leadership handbook.

We’ll discuss:

1. Coaching Creatives: Alissa Briggs (Sr. UX Manager, Intuit) will share techniques for getting the best out of your teammates, including balancing strengths, setting expectations, and giving feedback.

2. Structuring the Team: Deena Rosen (Sr. UX Director, Opower) will explain how to establish and evolve a UX team over time. She’ll share options for structuring UX teams and how to treat organizational design like a UX challenge.

3. Navigating Politics: Steve Hillenius (UX Manager, NASA) will provide concrete techniques for navigating complex, engineering-driven organizations to make design a priority. He’ll unpack how to manage-up to create the space to design for infinity and beyond.

4. Balancing Innovation and Execution: PJ McCormick (Design Leader, Amazon) will explain how to create a team that balances b




Alissa Briggs, Senior UX Manager, Intuit

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