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SXSW Interactive 2015

The New War Room: Real Time Marketing on Twitter

We’ve all heard the rumors; marketers for today’s biggest brands, from Oreo to Hyundai, are paying attention to live televised events like never before--assembling crackerjack teams to monitor chatter online around the clock and scanning for potential marketing hooks. Massive events such as the Olympics, Oscars and World Cup, are increasingly being narrated by online commenters trading reactions, sharing quotes and submitting their best one-liners, and many brands are turning this phenomenon into a new marketing opportunity. Everything is a potential hit.

Brands are utilizing the power of “social media command centers” or “war rooms” where teams of community managers are monitoring real-time events, ready to pounce at any possible social hooks. This panel will take a look at the best and worst examples of real-time marketing in the last year and share tips on how to create your own war room.

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  1. How can brands harness the power of real time tweets to enhance their own online engagement?
  2. What is more effective? Planned social outreach during live events or off the cuff comments/observations?
  3. What makes a “War Room” tick? How are they operated and staffed?
  4. Why was Oreo’s twitter post during the 2013 Superbowl such a runaway hit?
  5. When is online interaction too much? Is there such thing as over-saturation on Twitter?



Meg Rushton, PR & Social Media Director, The Ad Council

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