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SXSW Interactive 2015

Light in Dark Places: Clarity in Cybersecurity

Somewhere hidden away – usually in room lit by flashing LEDs, the narrative goes – an “IT guy” has network security “taken care of.”

How many managers regularly engage with their security technicians? When conversations occur, how meaningful are they? If they are meaningful and productive, how do we know? Does each party really understand the other’s job? Does either of them care?

We’re finding out – sometimes in conversation, and sometimes in the news – that quite often the answer is, “huh?” Execs can’t communicate with techs, and techs can't get buy-in from execs.

We need to fix this. Strategies should form around data protection – so the basics are baked into operations, and the rest is treated as real risk. We think the CSO is as important as the COO and the CFO.

The 20 Critical Controls are the path to simplicity and clarity. Our panel will discuss what the controls can achieve, and how widespread adoption of this ethos will improve the whole information ecosystem.

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  1. Why do we so desperately need to demystify cybersecurity -- who will benefit the most from this effort, and what will those benefits look like? See also: what's in it for me?
  2. How does a real world, large scale data breach unfold -- what are the prevailing tactics, and what (if anything) could have been done to prevent some of the big ticket breaches?
  3. How does technology drive accountability: what trends in security are important in determining whether you want, need, or require compliance with various standards? (for example HIPPA, PCI-DSS, etc)
  4. What are the implications for the Cybersecurity when we think about advancements like Machine Learning, AI, and Quantum Computing?
  5. Who is the third person to get hired – COO, CIO or CSO?



Charlie Leonard, Founder and CEO, Scalar Security

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