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SXSW Interactive 2015

NeoAngel Funded Conscious Capitalism

DreamFunded.com, a new Angel platform, where Manny Fernandez, CEO of DreamFunded and Manos Accelerator are currently collaborating on a Beta Project that includes Socioeconomic Selection Criteria for economically advancing the lives of underrepresented women and minorities around the nation and the world. Leaders in the Latino Community willing to invest in Latino entrepreneurs or means for improving the Latino Community. To complete the Latino Symbiotic Startup Ecosystem, Manos Accelerator provides the potential Latino entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, across the United States and six Latin American countries. Under the proposed pilot, successful Latinos in the “Tech Bubble” of Silicon Valley are providing a hand (i.e. “Manos”) to other minority Tech entrepreneurs as Manos, with the assistance of the Google for Entrepreneurs Network, Silicon Valley Investors & Leaders, and the National Latino Leadership) train Latino entrepreneurs within the walls of the Silicon Valley tech corridor.

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  1. How is NeoAngel Funding Different?
  2. Who is a Typical Investor?
  3. Describe the MANOS Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley?
  4. What would be the “ideal entrepreneur” for the MANOS Program?
  5. What socioeconomic selection criteria was developed by the collaboration of DREAMFUNDED and MANOS? What is the current status of the experiment?



Rafa Baca, Managing Member, The R Baca Law Firm

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