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SXSWedu 2015

Engaging Students with Personalized EdTech

Technology is seen as a panacea for education. At Cengage Learning we believe engagement is the foundation of learning, and technology is one way to engage learners. However, educational technology has long-ignored a key player – the student, until recently. Learn about and see examples of the evolution in edtech to focus on the student and personalized learning, and hear how one student used technology to transform his life from to become an engaged, successful learner.

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  1. Provide insight into the daily lives of students and see examples of how developers use these insights to build student-centric products that engage all types of learners
  2. Hear from a non-traditional student how technology can engage and impact the learning experience
  3. Encourage a dialog among attendees about what engagement means to them, and how we might use technology to create a better learning experience, one that fits the needs of today’s diverse students



Lauren Medina, Public Relations Manager, Cengage Learning

Meta Information:

  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Playground Talk
  • Track: Gaming & Virtual Learning
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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