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What Marketers Don’t Understand About Big Data

Big data has become an ubiquitous term across disciplines – from energy to politics to gaming – but there are precious few experts who can pinpoint (or better yet, explain) its definition. The reality is that the words “big data” have two different meanings depending on who you’re talking to. The first definition, the set of technologies that allow professionals to capture, store, process and retrieve huge amounts of data (Hadoop, HBase, Cassandra, NoSQL, etc.), can make your head spin. The second refers to the data itself, which is growing at an ever-increasing rate and diversity. Somewhere in between those definitions is what you need to know as a marketer, in order to realize the value of big data analysis and to speak intelligently about the topic. This two and a half hour long workshop will clear up some big data myths while describing a few key baseline concepts that you need to know in order collaborate successfully with data scientists and create amazing stories or business results of your own.




Francisca Fanucchi, PR Manager, Lithium

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